SiA Fall course offering: How to Know Higher Worlds

Rudolf Steiner’s basic book, How to Know Higher Worlds will be explored through class presentations, discussions, artistic work and journal entries. There will be recommended reading assignments to cover the 215 page text, and class time will be split between contextual presentations, group work and artistic experience. While seeking to understand the scope of what Steiner wanted to communicate in 1905, there will also be emphasis on its current relevancy in modern life. Students will be encouraged to look for ways to apply the exercises and insights in their 21st century lives.

Susan Junge is a professional artist (ceramic sculpture and printmaking) and the parent of a Waldorf student (1986-1997), who like so many, was slowly drawn towards what lived behind the education and the communities it created. She took numerous summer courses, and did Foundation Studies at the Washington Waldorf School, where she began teaching in the high school art studio. She completed the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program with the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton NH in 2002. Her specialty subject was Art, covering both studio classes and the main lesson exploring the evolution of consciousness through art. She taught, as guest faculty, at several Waldorf high schools around the US. Since moving to midcoast Maine, she has taught clay modeling at Ashwood Waldorf School, and participated in study groups and Anthroposophical Society Group events.  

Class times: 2 PM to 5PM Sunday afternoon, with scheduled tea break

October 5, 19, 26, November 2,9,16,23

At Ashwood Waldorf School in the Garden Level Classroom of the main building

Cost: $185 (will cover art supplies and guest Arts teacher) 

Students will be expected to have a copy of How to Know Higher Worlds, translated by Christopher Bamford